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❤️ me an my absolute best friend in this whole world!! I’ve known her for four years now. An let me tell you that she an I are crazy. We used to cut class together hang everything!! She help me get through an also some big climes in life. We would do late night dunks runs an just sit there an talk for hours. Or chill in a Wendy’s for five hours lmao. ✌️❤️ or go crazy in Sephora an ultah. No matter how long we went even with out talking we pick up right were we leave off. She is my ride or die!! I can’t this enough tho that I miss her like crazy her living in NY with you crazy wife. But she still always there! Even on th other side of the world she’ll always be there for me!! So to you vato!! Love you I know your life will be awesome!! Soo proud of you!!! #bff #rideordie #selfi #vato #sister #bestfriend

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